How to Throw Weapons the Farthest In Counter Strike

There's a couple of reasons why you would want to throw something in Counter Strike. In a combat zone, throwing a gun to a team member might be the easiest way to transfer the weapon. Some weapons, like the grenade, require being thrown in order to detonate. In that case, being able to throw farther and with accuracy will improve your damage to targets and opponent players.

The easiest way to practice throwing weapons is to find an open space with no enemies around where you have a little bit of room. It helps if you have a few copies of the same item. What you're going to do is select the practice item, say a gun, and toss it straight up in the air over your head. What should happen is that it falls straight back down on you. At this point you can leave it where it is as a marker or pick it up and try again. Next to the same thing, point straight up, only this time adjust the angle slightly downwards and throw the item again. You'll notice that it's slightly further out from the first one you dropped directly above you. Keep experimenting with different angles until you find the one that propels the farthest. Since Counter Strike doesn't abide by real-world physics, this should be an angle of about 120 degrees.

The advantage of being able to hurl things at a greater distance is that you can reach a target zone from further away, thus minimizing your exposure to damage. To learn more about playing fantasy Counter Strike, you can go to Alpha Draft.