How to Throw a Basketball Farther

We all want the three point shot but many of us only nail it when we get lucky. Some can’t even get the ball in the general vicinity of the hoop when shooting from that far away.

Consume Proper Nutrition

Before you even try to make those dream shots, you have to be physically prepared. What you eat and drink regularly as well as the day of practice or the day of the game absolutely matters. You cannot just “eat what sounds good.” Learn about the foods athletes are supposed to eat and consult your physician to ask if you have any dietary limitations. Follow those two parameters and get good, regular exercise and you should be physically ready to throw a basketball farther!

Use Good Form

Some may recommend that you try throwing the ball as far as you can and forget about form. While this can be a good way to check how good your arms are, it is not really advisable. When you forget about form, you are doing two things that are detrimental to your future ability to throw a basketball farther. For one, you are taking the risk of injuring yourself (good form isn’t just for accuracy, you know). Secondly, and just as importantly, you are starting a bad habit of inaccuracy.

Relax and Be Confident

Believe it or not, fear is the number one reason people fail to do things that seem a little out of reach. In fact, fear is more powerful than inability. Furthermore, ability may exist where it is thought not to but may be shrouded in a dense layer of fear. Release fear when you go to make the three-point shot and you may find yourself throwing the basketball much farther than you believed you could. It is ok to imagine yourself as an NBA superstar – not in how you present yourself to others (humility is a virtue) – but in how you picture yourself when you shoot hoops. If you have doubts, your accuracy will be hindered. Bottom line: if you think you can make the shot, you can.

Wear the Right Clothing

If you’re not dressed to play ball, your game will be offset. Make sure to dress properly. If you are playing an impromptu game or practice and didn’t come prepared, do your best to adapt your clothing (roll up sleeves, etc.). Everyone knows the right shoes can make a huge difference, so make sure you get some serious basketball shoes. It’s well worth the investment. Not only will it help you make the three-pointer from a practical standpoint, it will again just boost your confidence and make you feel more prepared to bring your “A Game.”

Visualize the Shot

You have to visualize the shot to throw farther. Obviously, your muscle tone and the effort you put in have an impact on how far you can throw, but envisioning where you want the ball to end up not only helps with accuracy, it also helps you to get better distance. Here’s a tip: think of the hoop as being closer than it appears. Imagine you are above it and have superhuman strength. Don’t let any of that mess up your aim, but let it once again give you the confidence you need to put the ball in the hoop. Throwing farther is great but is no replacement for getting the ball exactly where it is supposed to be.